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A Guide to Laser Hair Removal Treatment

· Laser Hair Removal


Some people are prescribed by the doctor to undergo hair removal in order to carry out a surgery of a particular area and they prefer to remove their hair permanently. Others especially women or men in some cases in order to remove unwanted hair permanently choose laser hair removal. But one should be very aware of the facts associated with laser hair removal like its mechanism and precautions before and after the treatment.


How does it work?

In laser hair removal treatment, a light of high intensity and shorter wavelength is used to destroy the hair follicles which are responsible for the growth of hair. Your hair cannot grow after its root follicles get destroyed.


Precautions Before Laser Hair Removal

keep the below in mind before having a laser hair treatment;

1. Exclude waxing or bleaching of skin.

2. If your skin complexion is dark, your skin has high melanin pigment. Laser light easily reacts with melanin and results in changed skin complexion. There are special techniques to remove the hair of dark complexion skin, have an inquiry about treatment centre providing such services.

3. Do not expose your skin to the sunlight, it can hamper the process of laser treatment.


How many Sessions are Required for Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal through laser is completed in various stages it varies from 2-8 stages depending upon the area of treatment. For instance, in case of facial hair removal, the sessions would be different as compared to any other area like legs or underarms.



Is It Safe to Shave in between the different Treatment Session

You are strictly advised not to shave during the whole period of treatment. It can result in an infection or other skin problems. Shaving should also be avoided before two weeks of treatment. You can take the guidelines from laser hair removal near me for this.



Skin Care After Laser Hair Removal

once your skin has undergone a laser hair removal treatment, it can show various symptoms for two to five days. These symptoms could be


1. inflammation and redness of the area.

2. rashes or bumps on the skin which may contain the watery substance.

3. change in skin complexion, itchiness, dry skin, etc.


these are the side effect of laser hair removal and one should visit laser hair removal Belleville for the checkup. The things that you should keep in mind after the laser are;


1. do not walk directly in the sunlight after treatment.

2. in order to recover soon you can take anti-fungal and antibiotic medicines.

3. waxing must be avoided for at least one month after treatment.



Can Hair Grow Back After Laser Hair Removal?

This is a million dollar question, all of you who are thinking of say bye to your unwanted body hair permanently must be curious to know about it. Well, I want to clear the fact that once your hair follicles are destroyed, there is no equation for hair growth again. But still many people go on complaining that they have experienced this stage when even after laser hair removal their hair growth again started. This is because the hair follicles of their hair are not completely destroyed by the laser, it is a case of faulty laser treatment due to which they encounter such issues.

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