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Contribution of Textile Industry in GDP Growth

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There has been an increase in the contribution of Indian textile industry in the gross domestic product in recent years. This influential support of the industry in the growth of national economy could be imparted to a number of reasons. Let we discuss them below.

1. Increase in Raw Material

The increase in agricultural output due to the coming of new techniques of agriculture and hybrid high productive seeds, there has been a dynamic increase of raw material for textile industry. This massive increase in the raw material helps the textile industry to manufacture more fabric, which indirectly leads to an increase in the GDP.

2. Modern Machinery

With an increase in the raw material, textiles industries cannot remain depended upon the previous techniques of manufacturing. In order to increase their production according to the raw material, they are required to install modern techniques and infrastructure. With the help of this infrastructure, now these industries are producing fabrics of thousands meter in just few hour, which earlier used to take days or weeks. This increased production in the textile industry is a good signal for GDP.

3. Export of Fabric

Add paragraph text here.When there were conventional ways of manufacturing textile, it was hard to fulfill the needs of the people within the country. But an increase in the production of the textile industry due to contemporary machinery and unlimited raw material, now they are trying their hand in the export of textile products like bed sheets, towels, cushion covers etc. You can find various cushion covers, table clothes, towels and bedsheets manufacturers in India which are exporting their products to abroad through online or offline trade. Some of them like, bed sheet and Cotton towel manufacturers in India are recognized worldwide for the quality of the product they are producing. This rise of export in the textile sector is a major factor in the growth of GDP.

4. Employment Generation

How could we forget about the contribution of textile industry in generating employment to the people? Now people are getting involved in agriculture for providing a fuel to textile sector, and of course, it also provides employment to those who are in the textile industry. All these factors are directly or indirectly increasing the contribution of textile industry in the growth of GDP.

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